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Updates to www index

October 31st, 2008 by tamuwebmaster

Just a quick update. As we talked about before, we’re always looking at the main A&M web site for ways to make it better for our target audiences. Since our primary audience are those prospective or future students out there and their parents, we’ve been looking over traffic patterns to see how we might make their experience better and more efficient.

So straight out of the box, we added a floating link for “Do You wonder”. We’re wanting to see how that attracts or gathers interest. If so, we are looking at a number of timely based badges that might point to other parts of the university or university web presence.

So you’ll notice that we’ve modified the left-hand nav on the index. About A&M, Academics and Admissions are our biggest clicks, so we’ve kept them together. We put Athletics and moved the Visitors over to help see if that will aid in driving traffic over to the Visitor’s site in order to help them with their needs as they come to campus to visit.

We also removed “News” because even though it was in the left nav, it got only a handful of clicks. Did people care about News? You bet, but they were clicking on the “more news” link in the news headlines box. By being in the news headlines, people look over the 4 new stories and then the next link under is “more news”.

So we’re going to do some testing to see how this works out, and in a few weeks decide if the tests were successful. If so, then we keep tuning; if not, we revisit and consider other options.

Friday, October 31st, 2008
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