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Captioned vids

August 12th, 2008 by tamuwebmaster

After Dave Birch’s presentation back in June, I’ve been slowly working captions back into our promotional spots. You know, the “Welcome to Aggieland” and  “Possibilities” commercials that aired. Originally we had these online in WMV, QT and some RealMedia formats, but we’ve now got them converted over to Flash video (FLV).

Also, we’ve just finished up adding captions to the “This is the Place” college videos and these are all now online, too. I tell you what, that long one was a doozy, but I had some good help from our college students upstairs.

When I started the Flash conversion, I was looking to use one of the preloaded CS3 FLV skins with captioning already built in, but they offered limited adaptability. So, after a chat with Dave again, we devised a FLA file that allows for captioning, plus the ability to click to seek, and click to adjust volume. Captions are handled by an external XML file.

With Dave’s permission, the links to the FLA file and a caption time code formatted file are below  (right click on the links below to download the file):

In the Flash file, you’ll want to first select the FLV component and choose your source video (using the Component Inspector). Then click on the FLV component with the caption icon to the left of the player and choose the appropriate caption file.

For the XML caption file, you can use the styling however you want, and depending on your needs, there’s a number of ways to add greater functionality. The resources from my earlier post may add some insight. Each paragaph is it’s own line of captioning. From personal experience, it doesn’t take much text to fill up the screen, so it helps to play with a couple of lines and with the styling to see what will work best for your needs and for the information that is being conveyed by those on video.

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