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New goals for a new year

June 2nd, 2008 by Erick Beck

‘Tis the season for performance evaluations all across campus, and we were no different. Looking back over the last year I am amazed at the number of projects and amount of architecture growth that we took on and were able to get accomplished. I hope we’re finally to the point that the upcoming year won’t be quite as frantic as last year was, but we have set a lofty set of goals for what we want to accomplish.

  1. Content Management is our number one priority as a group for the upcoming year. We plan to release a set of milestone goals soon, but the general plan is to bring on a group of interested “beta admins” who can start learning the system. Once this group becomes comfortable enough with how the software works we’ll let them start using it to manage real sites.
  2. Campus maps needs a complete overhaul. We intend this version to be a revolutionary step beyond what we already have. To this end we will be contacting and working with groups from all across campus to get buy-in and cooperation. This is one we definitely can’t do in a vacuum without you if it is to live up to our expectations.
  3. A true central Campus Calendar is one of the biggest inadequacies in the campus web presence, and we intend to remedy that. We intend to release a solution that will be standards-driven so that we can import/export to and from calendars across campus.
  4. The Web Accessibility team will take up a good portion of our summer. Not only will the web site be rewritten with the help of the team, but we also plan to hold an Accessibility/Usability Showcase in the fall, bringing in in speakers from both on- and off- campus to demonstrate web accessibility features.
  5. The Brand Guide will soon be a year old and there have been a lot of updates brought by the Communications Council. We believe there is enough new information and new focus to create a new web site that will better convey the intent and goals of the university’s branding effort.
  6. As John mentioned earlier, we are moving heavily into Flash video. Expect many current sites to be upgraded and new sites to appear which will showcase this technology.

As aways, we expect there to be detours along the way. Football season is around the corner, which means that the Tailgating site will need updates. As will the Academic Convocation and a dozen other sites that we look out for. Plus who knows what unforeseen challenges will arise. But I’m looking forward to the new year. I think it will be a productive one that will continue to expand and improve the campus web presence. And as always, expect us to come looking for your feedback and cooperation, we know we can’t do this without you!

Monday, June 2nd, 2008 Future Projects
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