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What’s next for the CMS?

May 8th, 2008 by mdmcginnis

The training sessions and a later conference call with Virginia Tech uncovered some areas where we need to do things that the CMS wasn’t designed to do. Virginia Tech has come up with some valuable solutions, but it might take us a few more weeks before we’ve overcome some of those hurdles and are ready to invite others to bang on the system with us. We’ll be providing the CMS documentation to this beta test group, but it will definitely a pioneering situation. Bring an axe.

So far we’re resisting the temptation to make the CMS easier to administer by limiting its features. In some areas we may not have any choice – we only have so many resources, and our CMS can easily get cumbersome to administer. But our commitment is to serve the needs of our customers. Some large Web shops will need a lot of control over their system. We wouldn’t have time to do it all for them anyway. Many smaller sites with part-time webmasters have more basic needs – standard templates and simple features. And for those who don’t consider themselves technical and are afraid they’re going to blow up the whole CMS, we’re thinking about them too. We’re setting up the system so each webmaster has control only over their own site.

Thursday, May 8th, 2008 CMS
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