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Campus HTML Validator in Firefox and Opera

April 21st, 2008 by tamuwebmaster

We recently put up the Texas A&M copy of the W3C HTML Validator at This allows us to check websites against the validator that are not accessible outside the firewall. You can also use browser plugins for FireFox (such as Web Developer) and Opera to validate HTML by uploading a copy of what is currently displayed in your browser to the validator service.


In FireFox Web Developer, open the Tools menu and click Edit Tools. This brings up the Web Developer Options dialog. In the left hand menu, select the Tools option. On the right hand side, you will see a list of “Validate” options with URLs next to them. Select “Validate HTML” and click “Edit…”. Enter “” into the URL box at the bottom of the Edit Tool dialog. Click OK.


In Opera, you get to preferences by typing “opera:config” in the Address bar without the quotes. This opens up a page that allows you to configure the browser. Scroll down and click on “User Prefs”. This opens up several options, one of which is “Validation URL”. This option has a textbox next to it for the check URL. Enter “” into the box without the quotes, and click Save. Opera will now validate using the A&M validator.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has a web developer toolbar called “IE Developer Toolbar”. However, it does not appear to let you change the location of the validator. If anyone knows of an IE add-on that can do this, please post a comment.

Monday, April 21st, 2008 Browsers/Plug-ins, Miscellaneous
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