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February 20th, 2008 by Erick Beck

With the publication of WWW behind us, we realize there will be a lot of new development of other web sites across campus. In order to help with that effort we have expanded our Web Services section in the Marketing & Communications website to help address several issues.

Google Search Appliance
We have created a complete section on the Google Search Appliance, incuding documentation for how to put search forms on your site, how to use the search as both a user and webmaster, and other useful features. We have created administative accounts for each of the colleges to have their own search collection and page look if so desired. I have already sent this account to several of the colleges. For those who haven’t received theirs please let me know and we’ll get you set up.

Rhythmyx CMS
This section is still in its infancy. Now that WWW is up we plan to devote much more time to getting the system up and running. Continue to watch the blog for announcements and this section for more in depth documentation.

Web Style Guide
We codified the early posts we made to the blog into a single unit that could be more easily navigated. Since the web is an ever-evolving entity we thought it appropriate to keep the actual content hosted on the blog to make updates and comments by the user community easier.

Website Portfolio
Ever wonder exactly what we do over here? This section lists most of our major projects. Right now this section is still no more than a list of URLs, but we intend to use this as a playground for experimenting with Flash and other technologies and to not only link to a site but to explain the problems faced by the project and how we met those challenges.

Web Templates
As promised, we have started providing a set of web templates that will be free to use by the university community. These will not be required, but are being provided as examples of the “Aggie family” of page design that was laid out in the Brand Guide. Keep a watch on this section as we have several more templates still waiting ot be built.

Shared Code Library
This section hasn’t been built yet, but I envision it as a companion to the Templates section. We have several HTML, Javascript, and CSS samples that can be plugged into the provided templates or any other page to meet your needs. Ben is also looking at a Jira/SVN solution for versioning of code.

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