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Introducing Michael McGinnis

February 1st, 2008 by mdmcginnis

Today is my first day on the TAMU web team. After working from home for four years as a freelance web consultant and writer, where I shared my office space with a washer and dryer, it’s hard to believe that that’s really my nameplate by the office door:

Division of Marketing and Communications
Texas A & M University
Michael McGinnis
Web Communications Specialist

But of course it is. My wife and I thought about putting a nameplate like that on my home office door, but I decided it would have been a little ostentatious for a combined laundry room/company headquarters.

Over the years, I’ve been a freelance writer, search engine optimization consultant, website evaluator, magazine editor, long distance telephone troubleshooter, webmaster, customer service rep, cabinet maker, and caregiver for my grandmother.

Communication has been my passion for many years. I was writing books with a crayon before I knew how to write. Yes, I’ve written applications in PHP and MySQL, and I’m learning more about Javascript and AJAX. I even walked down to BarCamp Texas last month. But I’m not really a hard core techie. I use technology to help people to find what they’re looking for, and to communicate what people need to hear.

My main responsibility is working with content management (CMS). What excites me about content management? Not that it’s a new piece of software for me to play with. What excites me is the hope that it will help put content online at Texas A&M University from people who don’t like to play with software. This kind of software is designed even for people who hate software, who don’t know how to work it very well, but who still have something that needs to be said. I’m looking forward to helping people share information and ideas that have never been on the Web before.

Like my former colleague Ben Floyd, I am also a husband (since 2005) and father (since 2007). My son’s web page is Number 1 on Google, if you search for his full name. If you search for my full name, I’m only number 2. So my son has me beat.

I remain,
Your servant,

Michael McGinnis

Friday, February 1st, 2008 CMS, Miscellaneous,
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