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Content Management System Licensed

December 12th, 2007 by tamuwebmaster

It’s now official. We have licensed a Content Management System for use by the university.

Which one? Percussion Rhythmyx. It’s currently in use by universities such as Bowling Green and Rhode Island, but also being implemented for Virginia Tech and the University of California. We were impressed with the Virginia Tech folks and how similar their situation and surroundings are in relation to ours for implementing a CMS. But we are very pleased to have the license in place and the functionality we believe it will bring to the A&M Web communication landscape.

For the full info on Percussion and Rhythmyx, their Web site provides a wide variety of information, case studies and fact sheets.

To think it all started with the uWeb CMS Showcase, then to narrowing it down to three and eventually one, and now we’re at this point with software and license in hand.

So what’s next? Well, we are coordinating this with the Ag Program and Alan Kurk’s shop as they purchased a secondary license. We’re going to be sharing some training and working together on the implementation of the software on our respective systems. For the university, this means that by the mid- to end of January we’ll be working on the install and beginning to get the system in place for testing on some small internal projects. Once we’re comfortable with the templating, workflow development and administration, we’ll begin to solicit and elicit pilot projects as well as begin importing/moving over our www templates to work within the CMS.

What’s nice is that the license we worked out pretty much covers use by any university entity under “*”. This will include those who want to use the CMS and the new www templates as well as those who want to use the CMS with their own templates. Or for that matter, their own programming language as the CMS works independently of the end user’s web server.

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 CMS, Ongoing Projects
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