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WWW Server Upgrades Scheduled

November 19th, 2007 by Erick Beck

We have scheduled the next round of server updrades for with CIS. These have the potential to be disruptive so we are putting them off until after students leave in December.

On the week of December 17 we will be upgrading the PHP engine from PHP4 to PHP5. The new installation will include a minimal functionality set, and database connectivity will NOT be included. This move is in line with restoring the original purpose of the machine to be a stand-alone web server conducting university business. If you own or maintain a site on WWW that uses advanced features of PHP you should be aware that some of these pages might break after the upgrade.

Also planned for the same upgrade is the addition of the mod_cas Apache module. This feature is being added to allow for all-TAMU authentication onto WWW pages through the CAS protocol.

As a date is finalized we will coordinate with CIS to have the full announcement posted on their enhancements website.

Monday, November 19th, 2007
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