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WWW redesign starts

October 22nd, 2007 by tamuwebmaster

While we’ve received good feedback for the minor changes we made to www to make it more consistent with our branding efforts, we’ve tried to make it very clear that this is a temporary look. We’re glad to help some templates and elements but know that this is a holdover until the redesign happens.

And that begun in earnest today. We met with Kim Miller, the division’s new Creative Director who joins us from TTI Communications and TEES Communications, to start the creative process toward re-envisioning the A&M Webspace. There was a good and lively discussion of purposes, core values, and branding, as well as technology, programming, and development and how all of this might be conveyed.

It is going to be a really exciting time and we are really looking forward to campus feedback. We already have our own long list of needs, wants, and dreams. We’ve reviewed and surveyed (and continue to do so) peer institution sites, commercial sites and even our own university departmental, office and college websites for inspiration and affirmation as well as reality checks.

Erick noted earlier in a UWeb post that “they will want to avoid ‘design by committee,’ but I’m sure
they’re open to suggestions and ideas from anyone with an interest.” and that is very true. He is equally right when he says we value any and all suggestions and ideas. We’ve already received some screen grabs, URLs and even wish-lists of features and future functionality from a wide range of folks and we are taking that input seriously.

So simply send us an email with your screenshots and suggestions, or if you’ve got scratches and sketches, campus mail it to MS 1372 or drop by our offices (in 201-2 of glorious East Bizzell).

Monday, October 22nd, 2007 Ongoing Projects,
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