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Rebranded University Site

October 16th, 2007 by Erick Beck

The rebranded look for went live this morning, and the process is now pretty much complete. The move took a bit longer than expected because some of the pages still use an old template that is very hard to work with. We are still combing over the site to find any breakages but so far things look pretty good. Response has been overhwelmingly positive, so we’re hopeful that we’re on the right track.

Again, let me reemphasize, this version is meant to be an interim solution until the new site is launched. Its purpose is to bring the university web site in line with the elements of the Brand Guide, while at the same time being relatively easy to integrate into previously existing templates. It should in no way be interpreted as a foretaste of what the new site will be like.

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
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