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Portal update for October

October 11th, 2007 by tamuwebmaster

Throughout much of August and September, the Portal Committee and members of the Enterprise Information Systems project have been meeting with representatives from SunGard and with student, faculty and staff focus groups to determine the basic content, channels, and tabs for the campus-wide portal.

The name of the portal? Howdy.

“Howdy” was chosen because:

  • it is the start of a conversation (and  the portal is a starting point for information),
  • it is a welcoming term (for applicants and parents),
  • it translates well across the A&M main, Galveston and Qatar campuses,
  • and it is easy to remember (plus spell–try getting “reveille” right on the first try).

For those of you who’ve been around a little bit, you’ll also know that existed for a number of years as a portal for the Division of Student Affairs. Members of the Portal Committee are beginning to make the rounds, giving overview presentations on the portal — its implementation, its purpose, its use. Currently the plan is to go with a soft launch of Howdy in February, and introduce its features and utility through the Spring and into the summer with New Student Conferences. Then in August a hard launch will coincide with the Fall semester.

As the portal comes online, there are a number of departments, divisions and offices that will be providing and maintaining content that will be published on the portal. This may be by RSS, by external reference or on the portal itself. Eventually, content management would support the information and links.

Currently, EIS is working on the production install of Howdy. The Portal Committee is working on a number of training options for end-users and channel administrator/owners.

Thursday, October 11th, 2007 Miscellaneous
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