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WWW and Calendaring

September 24th, 2007 by Erick Beck

As I mentioned last week, I have started looking at how to put together the news and calendar headlines for the front page of the new university website. Both of these would have been much easier if the Content Management System was in place to work with. Given the various project timelines, though, we’re going to have to go forward with building WWW and then retrofit it back onto the CMS at a later date. It shouldn’t be that difficult to create the templates such that they can be easily replicated in the CMS.

But that means we have to come up with a calendaring and news system outside the CMS. News is relatively easy, it’s just straight RSS. Calendaring, however, is more difficult if you want to allow for RSS or iCal syndication. There are so many calendars out there, and so few of them matching what we need, that research, evaluation, and implementation of the various products won’t be a quick and easy process. For that reason I’m making the decision early to separate these out into two projects – headlines for and a university calendaring system later, once WWW is published. The headlines can then be retooled to pull from the full calendar.

Headlines will likely be displayed using a modified version of PHPiCalendar. It offers all the functionality we need for posting headlines, and is easily modified to fit within our web templates. I’ve already finished a proof-of-concept phase so most of the work now will be cleaning up the implementation so that it fits more seamlessly. There are several ideas floating around both our office and several others on campus with regard to a more complete calendar package, but none have stood out as a clear choice. If you have a suggestion or favorite caledaring app feel free to send us a link.

Monday, September 24th, 2007
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