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Code Maroon and the Fall

September 3rd, 2007 by tamuwebmaster

With Code Maroon now being completely powered by e2Campus (all the data has been imported) we will be beginning several pushes.

  1. We will be sending out targeted email to those who were in the group of subscribers that were imported into the e2Campus system. For those subscribers, we generated usernames and temporary passwords so that they can access their info in the e2Campus system. The email tells them to go in and change their username/password as well as verify their information.
  2. The Communications Group will be working to increase enrollment in the system using a number of means from email and posters to presentations and video spots.
  3. Once the hoopla of the beginning of the semester dies down, the university will be sending out a test message over Code Maroon to make sure the system is working correctly. Staff from a number of groups will be assessing the distribution and metrics behind the message to ensure optimal results. The plan is for this test to be a semester or yearly occurrence. These test messages will be preceded by communication through email, ads, etc. so there will be forewarning.
  4. Results from subscriptions, responses from communication efforts and feedback from the test messages will be analyzed and used to further strengthen the university’s ability to communicate information quickly in the event of an emergency..
Monday, September 3rd, 2007 Code Maroon, Ongoing Projects
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