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Spotlight on Spotlight

August 20th, 2007 by tamuwebmaster

We swapped out the Spotlight image of the WWW index page last Friday to utilize a little Flash plug-in ditty called SlideShow Pro (props to Ms. Leary for the idea). This has been helpful in allowing us to refresh the page easier, and allows us to show multiple stories, items, and features. It also lets us keep a story running without having to pull it down for a single event and then put it back up.

Erick and Walter added some Javascript to publish a base image and link to the Communications Group’s news page should someone not have Flash installed.

Monday, August 20th, 2007 Navigation
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4 Comments to Spotlight on Spotlight

  1. The homepage looks much better now that it’s using SlideShowPro. One thing I would suggest is redoing the rotating headers so that the textbox on them match the textbox on the images in slideshow pro.

    When I went to the homepage, this image came up which I think is unreadable:

  2. Bill Erickson on August 20th, 2007
  3. Totally agree w/ Bill – it looks so much nicer that the sub-par graphics up top are immediately shamed! 🙂

  4. Kendra Beasley on August 20th, 2007
  5. Oh. Ummm. Okay. I can see some ways that this might work, but I think that we need a facelift on now. The slideshow banners cover up important parts of the new images (e.g., faces) and give the impression of being poorly designed/implemented. I really can’t underscore enough how covering the faces just as I’m starting to tune into them puts me off.

    Also, the show contrasts poorly with the image-heavy top right spot on our homepage (if you can even call that top right, it’s more like the top image). I’m not sure why it sits poorly–perhaps the image banner on the top picture and the fading in-and-out image banner on the bottom right vie for attention and become the focal point instead of the images themselves. Or maybe it is the sometimes-too-busy-to-be-togetherness of the potential pairs of top images and spotlight images.

    These two design elements (the covering of faces and the clash of images or their captions) may be able to be ameliorated (perhaps the caption is a part of the spotlight images instead of fading in and out? Perhaps the top image is reduced in size and a news feed is added?). There might be other ways as well.

  6. Steve Balfour on August 21st, 2007
  7. Ah, irony! I just replaced our SlideShowPro instance with a slightly modified version of the javascript slideshow — not because I was unhappy with SSP, just because we were having issues with Flash here in the office, and I’d been meaning to look into the js-based slideshows anyway. This one was also tempting.

  8. Stephanie Leary on August 22nd, 2007

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