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Content Entry

July 18th, 2007 by Erick Beck

OK, it’s official…after a month of this, I hate blogging.  No, not the collaboration and sharing of information, but the actual, physical process of typing the entry into this form.  I’m a programmer, and both the “Visual” and the “Code” views in WordPress frustrate me to no end.  I seem to be forever moving the cursor outside the invisible tags so that the whole display is messed up.  And it’s next to impossible to fix it without rewriting the whole sentence. Don’t get me started on the quality of code that results.  Text editors and raw HTML tags are so much more user friendly to me.

Yes, this  post does actually have a relevant point.  My hope is that this experience with blogging software will prove beneficial as we demo the CMS systems.  Several of them have talked at great length about how they make page creation easy for the non-technical crowd, but demonstrations of alternative methods of content entry is something I’m going to be keeping a keen eye open for.

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 CMS, Miscellaneous
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4 Comments to Content Entry

  1. I’ve never used WordPress, but I have used LiveJournal. A short time ago, LJ added the “enhanced editor” that made the nightmare you just described one for me to share with you. Luckily, I can turn it off and set that off setting as default with LJ. *whew*

    We’ve been using Zope and Plone over here for what seems like a few years now (22 months, actually) and the newest version of the kupu editor is not bad at all ( It occasionally seems to not like FireFox (or the comination of FireFox, Zope, Plone, and whatever weird server virtualization stuff is all componding things for us), but then it comes around again later.

    One of the really nice things about kupu in our environment is that we can still use HTML if we like. Our webdesigner adjust photos in the kupu editor using HTML. She also is alright with the word processor-like text manipulation (bold, bullet points, etc.). I understand the kupu is an editor that works with more than just Zope and Plone, it might be a useful feature to think about.

  2. Steve Balfour on July 18th, 2007
  3. Ah, come on Erick give WordPress some love, it is great. I have probably 10 different install and have never been more in love with a piece of software.

    To fix your visual editor problem. You can go into the WP admin then to go My Profile >> Your profile. Then under personal options un-select “Use the visual editor when writing” You can then hack in HTML to your hearts content. I have done this for all the WP sites I run on my admin account.

    Please show WordPress some love 🙂

  4. Matt Herzberger on July 18th, 2007
  5. I’m with Eric. I love WordPress, but I hate the writing/editing interface. I installed the TinyMCE Advanced plugin to open up the interface options, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. I saw Adobe Contribute CS3 demo’d in Austin, and it allows you to create entries and post them to WordPress. Needless to say you have a lot more power at your fingertips than with WP’s default interface. I’m seriously considering buying a copy. It’s a shame we can’t get it through

  6. Preston on July 18th, 2007
  7. I use Textile 2 in all my WordPress installations. Can’t blog without it. I loathe TinyMCE.

  8. Stephanie on July 24th, 2007

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