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A&M Branding Effort and Campus Web Development

July 17th, 2007 by Erick Beck

The finalization of the Brand Guide has raised a lot of questions from developers and designers from across campus. The most common are 1) Will you have graphics/templates/logos that I can download, and 2) Will we be required to update our web sites to follow the new branding guidelines?

The answer to the first is straightforward – yes. However, keep in mind that the Brand Guide and Brand Guide Web site really has been developed and intended for print and not web purposes. We will be creating complementary color palettes, logo/graphic libraries, etc. based on the print Brand Guide that will be specifically for web use and making them available for download.

The second question presents a sticky wicket because lots of people have strong, and conflicting, opinions about this issue. The current status is that each university unit is responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining their own site. That ultimate responsibility is unlikely to change, but I think there is room for some positive steps in creating a more cooperative environment than has existed in the past. As part of the WWW redesign, we will be creating several levels of page look which we will offer for anyone on campus who wants to buy into the “official” university look.

For those who do not use these site designs, what we do ask is that that there be an overall attempt to incorporate the elements, ideas and guidelines presented in the Brand Guide and in the information provided . We want to make sure that visitors to your site recognize that they are still within the university environment.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 Style Guide
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