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Make your Web site easier to navigate

June 22nd, 2007 by tamuwebmaster

Let’s face it; there are too many pages in “”. That being said, it is our responsibility to help people get to the information they are trying to find. Some of this can be accomplished through some simple reminders.

  • With so many offices, departments, servers and sites at Texas A&M, navigating from one site to another can become confusing because many sites are so visually, structurally, and informationally different. So to ease possible confusion, use similar navigation, color and visual elements to the main WWW site and university branding guide.
  • Include some visual clue that a page a user is about to visit requires a UIN or NetID log in. A user that visits a page and only sees a log in prompt, might be confused as to what has happened or unsure that are in the right place. If a linked page does require a NetID or UIN login, there should be a visual clue that designates this before the user clicks on the link.
  • Do not link pages back to themselves. When a page does link back to itself, many users feel that they didn’t click the link properly because they are still on the same page.
  • Make thumbnail pictures clickable links. Users expect thumbnails to be links to the material they represent.
  • Make sure your organization’s name is on all pages. This can be accomplished using the title or header of the page.
  • Let users know where they are at any given time in the site. The navigational system should also show how the information is organized hierarchically. This can be accomplished by color, icon bread crumbs, or other wayfinding strategy.
Friday, June 22nd, 2007 Navigation, Site Architecture, Style Guide
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