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Usability Criteria

June 19th, 2007 by tamuwebmaster

While typically usability is lumped in with accessibility, usability is a key component in measuring the quality of a user’s interaction with your Web site. This can include everything from navigation and links to content and information, so Web developers are encouraged to make every effort to provide a consistent and useful user experience.

The State of Texas and Texas A&M have set some basic requirements for usability, but it depends on where your pages/sites are located.

Texas A&M home page (College Station, Galveston and Qatar) usability criteria include:

For Texas A&M Web pages that are designated as key public entry points, the criteria includes:

  • TRAIL Metadata following Dublin Core specifications
  • HTML <title> tags
  • Links to:

All other university pages containing information or services for the public (faculty, class, or similar pages are excluded from this) must have:

  • TRAIL Metadata following Dublin Core specifications
  • HTML <title> tags
  • Recommended links
    • Unit home page
    • Unit Contact information

Additional information and resources for understanding and incorporating accessibility and usability into university Web sites and pages is available from the Texas A&M Division of Marketing & Communications Web Services Team.

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 Style Guide, Usability
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